What is Travellers Cloud and what you can do with it

Travellers Cloud was developed to bring better control, transparency, reporting and analytics for travel operators and travel agencies management and business owners, those, who operate classic offline travel desks with a live human sales person. Travellers Cloud helps offline travel agents fighting growing competition from online travel websites and have all the actual and immediate information about travel sales at their fingertips. It can be used by a travel operator and their network of travel agents, as well as travel agents alone that have a list of travel operator partners and related travel products they sell. It also designed to handle multiple travel desk locations, provides live sales reports per selected period, sliced by travel desk locations, sales person, products, customers etc.


Features for travel agents

Own product database

Travel agent can create and maintain updated their own database of travel operators, partners and related products with rates, commissions, rich product description, contacts and many more.

Travel vouchers

Based on travel operators and travel products database, agents and travel operators can issue travel vouchers for their customers. Issued travel vouchers can be created, saved and kept in different states. Unpaid and unconfirmed, confirmed but unpaid, paid, partly refunded, fully refunded, voided. Printable hard copy of the voucher in PDF format can be produced only after payment was received and recorded.

Automatic voucher emailing

PDF copy of travel voucher gets automatically emailed to the customer's and travel operator's email.

Smart voucher calculations

Your staff don't need to use calculator any more. Voucher deposit and balance get automatically and precisely calculated based on product details data. Rates, commissions, number of nights, number of people etc. All the calculations done in a few milliseconds by Travellers Cloud system and your sales person gets immediate and comprehensive result. It significantly reduces manual calculations errors, cheating of all sorts, human factor, malicious activity etc.

Some security precautions

From the moment the actual payment received and voucher marked as paid, nobody is able to change anything in the voucher details. If changes need to be done, the sales person will have to void the voucher with supposedly full refund done, then create a new voucher. A travel voucher can only be edited and deleted before payment received and recorded. 
All void and refund events done by sales personnel get automatically tracked and reported. Just in case. You know..

Easy refunds

Refunds can be done, recorded, automatically deducted and tracked for any paid sale. Refunds can be done partly or in full amount. You can set the refund amount by percentage of the total amount or certain amount in the currency of the voucher.

Full multi currency support

Full multi currency support. You can create voucher where deposit and balance are in different currencies. Why would you need that?

For example. If you are Fiji based travel agent and want to sell products of New Zealand based travel operators and vice versa, You would add their products with rates in NZD then, when creating travel vouchers in Fiji the deposit will be calculated in FJD, but remaining balance in NZD. All currency conversions done automatically, the exchange rates get updated a few times a day.

Data access control

Every sales person has their own account in the system. All actions in the system recorded under their name, all "changes done history" get recorded under the name of the person who committed those changes. Different access control policies can be applied to different user accounts to add and change product information, to see sales reports etc

Sales and cash reports

Every sales person can fill and print out their shift sales report that includes cash breakdown form and credit card sales totals. The sales person can't really change anything. All sales totals recorded and summed automatically. They just fill cash breakdown form adding amounts of notes and coins of each nomination and submit it. If something isn't matching the system will highlight the difference and responsible sales person can add their comments why they think t happened.

Travel desk multi location

You can create as many travel desks as you can handle. You can create different branches for your business and travel desk related to them. You will be able to see total sales reports and analytics not just for certain period of time, but also slices of it by branch, by certain travel desk, sales personnel, travel operator and product.

Customers database

Your own customer database. First time customer, returned or regular customer. You always know what products and destinations are the most favourite for Germans, British, Australians, Chinese and travellers from any other country. You don't need to add customer details every time you create a new voucher for the same customer. The customer details get automatically pulled and you just confirm they are correct with one click.

Sales personnel motivation

There is sales personnel motivation functionality activated by default. Basically every sales desk person automatically participate in the sales rating, where they see how effective and productive they are compare to others in the team. Who is the top sales and who is the bottom. Management can develop their own rewarding strategies, based on personal sales statistics for selected periods. Sales personnel also see their figures and figures of others in the team. It creates quite exciting sales race sometimes worth betting, :) when they know what's the reward and see how far they are and others from getting it. It does help to get more sales per person.

Advanced sales reports

Management can see complete sales reports in real time. How are you doing today so far, how much you already made from the morning. Who is making the best sales today. Which branch or travel desk does the most sales. What's your best sellers this week, this month, this quarter of this year. You get it all just in one single mouse clicks. Ok maybe two. :)

Voucher validation

There are always some people out there, that think they are smart. They might try to forge printed copy of a voucher or try to produce fake vouchers. They are very inventive, but we are inventive even more. There is a easy mechanism that protects vouchers from forgery. A special QR code that can be scanned and validated in a second with any smartphone QR code scanner app. This is particular useful functionality for travel operators as they basically can also automatically check the customer in by simply scanning their voucher.